Vegetable Home Garden during pandemic

Location: Prasat Bakong district, Siem Reap Province

Date: January 2022 to June 2022

Costs: $400

Status: Completed

The home garden project will help learners and their families to produce their own food and create an activity within their family while being at home during the Covid-19 lockdown regulations. Farming and gardening are already a part of the Life Skills curriculum at the schools. When learners return to school, they can bring this practical knowledge and experience to share with classmates and teachers. Planting seeds and seeing crops grow, brings happiness and joy to learners and parents alike. Furthermore, we wish to promote family Home Gardens to motivate children to help their parents and feel they are a part of obtaining the family daily meals. This involvement could help with educating the children not to rely on one-off food donations from donors. It shows them that food such as vegetables will continue growing, after being served as a meal. We also provided a trip for 20 learners to have the opportunity to visit an organic farm.