School building renovation Anlong Pi

Anlong Pi, Prasat Bakong District - Completed

Renovation of school building roof and repaint of school wall

Kromom Bol, Svay Leu District - Completed

New toilet facilities for widow/widower families

Roulos, Prasat Bakong District - Completed

Safe toilets help flush out disease in Cambodia

Prasat Bakong District - Ongoing

Cooperative Learning Arrangements: local teachers enter new territory

Siem Reap - Two workshops successfully completed, new ones initiated

New home for a poor family

Kouksrok - Completed

Renovation in Kouksrok

Kouksrok - Completed

New roof and walls after fire

Anchanh - Completed

New house in Kouksrok

Kouksrok - Completed

Renovation roof and entrance

Anchanh - Completed

House renovation in Anchanh

Anchanh - Completed

Moringa trees for Kouksrok

Kouksrok - Completed