Bicycles delivered to 30 students at Chea Sman Primary School

Location: Chea Sman Village, Mean Chey Commune, Prasat Bakong District, Siem Reap Province

Date: February 2019

Costs: 1531.34 USD

Status: Completed

Following months of research and careful study, we delivered 30 bicycles to the poorest students of Chea Sman Primary School (15 for boys and 15 for girls). This project showcases Kamboo Projects approach: collaboration with school principle, school committee, teachers, parents, with full support from the District of Education. These thirty students had previously shown a tremendous amount of absent days, due to inability to reach school buildings from the remote locations of their family homes. Attendance have surged to 100% followng implementation of such measures. The students and us, we extend our gratitude to the Catholic parish of Oberrieden (ZH) for the grants they awarded to this sustainable project.