Enhancing Education Infrastructure for Underprivileged Children

Location: Boeung Chum Primary School, Prasat Bakong district, Siem Reap Province,

Date: March to May 2024

Costs: $3,288

Status: Completed

At Kamboo Project, our mission is to provide underprivileged children in remote areas with safe and well-maintained school buildings, ensuring a better quality of education. We achieve this by renovating existing structures or constructing new ones, addressing critical areas such as roofs, walls, and floors.

Recently, we supported Boeung Chum Primary School with the renovation of six classrooms, where the classroom floors were consistently affected by flooding, mud and dust. Recognizing the impact on both learners and teachers, we renovated the floor to create a healthier and more condusive learning environment. The response from the school community has been overwhelming, and we believe this improvement will significantly enhance the quality of education and teaching.

We appreciate your support in making dreams come true for these children. Together, we can continue to transform lives through education. 🌟

After Renovated
After renovation
Before Renovation
Classroom after renovation
Studing outside during renovation
Open classroom
During renovation
Project Monitoring