Food supplies to 33 families cut off by SARS-CoV-2

Location: Praah Neangkol village at Kompong Tom Province

Date: May 2020

Costs: $1000

Status: Completed

Caring means sharing. Even more so in these exceptionally testing times. Social distancing in Cambodia these days can be the hardest of verdicts for those far away from civilization – as supply chains are being severely disrupted. That is why we acted as a co-sponsor in this project, which was launched by a temple initiative led by Venerable Tinn, Master Lorm Loerm, Sothea Yon and Andreas Flober. Our team accompanied the monks who know the situation very well and know exactly where the need is most urgent. In three steps 66kg of rice, 2000 packs of instant noodles , fish sauce and washing powder were safely delivered to 33 rural families in Praah Neangkol village in Kompong Tom Province. Social distancing was a challenge but we managed well. Everyone was wearing masks. The location was recommended by Venerable Tinn. In this context, Kamboo Project wants to participate as co-sponsor and observing party in a few further planned aid trips. Please be invited to contribute, even with the smallest of support, we make sure it reaches those in need and we really appreciate it.