Increased mobility and safety for 45 pupils at three primary schools

Location: Roka Kambot Village, Trapeang Thum Commune, Prasat Bakong District, Siem Reap Province.

Date: July 2019

Costs: 2500 USD

Status: Completed

Within a short time frame, this is the second time for Kamboo Project that we were able to implement a large bicycle delivery to students in a remote area of Cambodia. We worked closely with schools in selecting 45 students in desperate need of mobility. 15 students each were chosen from three primary schools: Lvea, Wat Khsach and Beong Chum Primary Schools. The bicycles break crucial barriers, by making school enrolment more accessible to the most underprivileged children, so they can easily attend more regularly and receive much needed education. Additionally, by cycling to and from school, the children have more energy and free time to learn. The bicycle allows more safety for female students compared to when having to walk from their home in rural areas. We are deeply grateful to Ms Sandra Rogger and the Catholic Church parish of Emmenbrucke, Switzerland, for their generous support for this important educational initiative of Kamboo Project.