Infrastructure for Chea Smon Primary School

Location: Chea Smon Village, Meanchey Commune, Prasat Bakong District, Siem Reap Province

Date: June to September 2020

Costs: $30'000

Status: Completed

First, we would like to express gratitude to our Swiss corporate sponsor to make this great work happen. All stakeholders of Chea Smon school – especially all of its students – are excited to see the new school when they will return back to school after a long break at home because of lockdown (scheduled to end for the new school year, starting Nov 1).

In 2020, we are able to contribute to school infrastructure development in Chea Smon Primary School – which provides education for more than 600 students – as follows:

1- Two school buildings renovated (comprising of ten classrooms), fixing the roof including the roof system, fixing the doors, windows, and floor and repainting the classroom buildings.

2-Renovate toilet house (eight toilet rooms), fixing the entire toilet, repainting and fixing the floors, and install four urinals for male students.

3-Install fans and eelectric wiring for each room.

4-Renovate the warehouse: Replace the roof and wall and painting for both side and install the window and door for lockable.

5-Renovate a teacher office, creating one big meeting room, confidential room, and school principal office room so teacher can have some space for discussion on their teaching challenges.

6-Renovate the parking area for safety and gardening around the school for a fresh environment.