Installation of a biosand filter

Location: Anchanh

Date: 01.02.2016

Costs: 10 $

Status: Completed

We are deeply grateful for the generous help of the organisation “Trailblazer Foundation”, who supported us to install a biosand water filter for the poor family Ket in the village of Anchanh. Trailblazer Foundation not only supplied this family with the water filter, but they also shared their experiences with us and explained how to install the filter correctly. This will help us in the future to imply water filters independently. A good cooperation between organisations is vital and provides us with a lot of possibilities to help, since we can learn from each other as well as provide each other with reciprocal support.
The functionality of the water filter is eco-friendly and fairly simple. The filter consists of different rock layers: the first layer is fine sand, the second one gravel, while the last one consists of rough shingle. The water becomes clean by permeating those different layers. As a consequence of this technique, the concentration of viruses and bacteria in ppm drops to levels below tjhose recommended by the WHO. Furthermore,there is no more inconvenient odour. For implementing the filter ultimately it needs to be cleaned first. Four times a day the family must fill it up with well water and wait until it oozes through the rock layers. Three weeks later the water filter is ready to be put in service.