Library Project at Wat Roka and Chea Smon

Location: Prasat Bakong district, Siem Reap Province

Date: June 23 to November 23

Costs: $ 900

Status: Completed

Our Library Project is one of seven projects under our Education Prohramme umbrella. After successful first-time implementation with both the Boeung Chum and Lvea Primary Schools, we are providing continuity by rolling this out at two more primary schools in 2023. This project delivers a clear impact for our students, as can be measured by  a change in behavior. Not only do we provide the books, but also motivate students by creating a friendly and inviting reading environment. It also helps the poorest of students who can lend books that their parents cannot afford to purchase. Thanks to a handful of private donors for tmaking this beneficial project happen.

Deliver to Wat Roka
Deliver to Chea Smon
Library Decoration at Wat Roka
Library Decoration at Chea Smon
Reading activities
Reading Activities
Reading Activities
Reading Activities
Reading Activties
Reading Activities