Renovation and supporting self-help at the day school in Chong Kneas

Location: Chong Kneas Village, Siem Reap

Date: 07.10.2016 - 27.11.2016

Costs: 600 $

Status: Completed

Would you have believed that with a mere 600 USD one can get the following done ? You can!

  • Lead a previously under-nourished, liver-sick seamstress and teacher back into her professional life (by means of hospital care, home care, dietary supplements, 50 kg of rice and 15 kg of fruit)
  • Fix three roofs of a schoolhouse / nursery school
  • Fix partition walls between classes / recreation / sleeping rooms and thus create functionality
  • Replace a defective hand-held water pump with an electric appliance to ensure access to water for cooking and washing
  • Buy a used, modern sewing machine and 100m fine fabric to bring back to life a souvenir shop attached to the Pre-School, thereby providing a perspective for the financing of the land lease
  • Purchase a football and two jumping ropes for the children’s class breaks
  • Deliver books and toys (a big thank you to our Bosnian, British, Finnish and Swiss donors!)
  • Re-establish daily routine and safeguard 20hrs/week computer science and English classes for twenty-five girls and boys aged between 6 and 13, and through this array of measures