Renovation floor and entrance in Anhchanh village

Location: Anhchanh village, Nokor Thum Commune, Siem Reap District, Siem Reap Province

Date: 16-23 July 2019

Costs: 478.50 USD

Status: Completed

Being a security guard with modest salary, it is not an easy task to feed a wife who is unemployed and five children who are studying . Because of a deep desire to provide education and a bright future for his kids, Mr.Sor Kimroth and family is saving cash by staying in a house which is not safe and is suffering damage from recurring rainfall.

Mr. Joe, a Kamboo Project Board Member, decided to step in and help renovate both the house floor and entrance for Mr.Kimroth, during a visit in 2019. We especially built concrete walls to protect the house floor from rainwater and a walkway in front of the house to facilitate transport of goods in and out of the house.