Renovation of school building roof and repaint of school wall

Location: Kromom Bol Village, Kantuot Commune, Svay Leu District, Siem Reap Province

Date: July/August 2018

Costs: 3863 USD

Status: Completed

In order to improve the lack of school buildings in the Svay Leu district, we regularly support the Kromom Bol Primary School. In 2018 we renovated the broken school roof and repainted the walls of 5 classrooms. This renovation of the school caters to 215 students (98 boys, 117 girls) and provides them with a stable, safe and comfortable learning environment. The involvement of the village and school community was and is crucial in this context, as all these stakeholders develop a strong sense of responsibility and empathy for their project. As such, the community made the crucial contribution to all relevant processes. A local construction crew arranged the equipment and accompanied the renovation work.

Now that the project is completed, the community will be responsible for maintaining the school. We visit the school regularly to support the maintenance of the facility. The project will therefore continue despite the construction work completed in August 2018.