Renovation of three classrooms by Sika Cambodia

Location: Prasat Bakong District

Date: 10th June 23

Costs: USD 3500

Status: Completed

We extend our gratitude to Sika’s Cambodian subsidiary for selecting Kamboo Project to conduct their yearly Corporate & Social Responsibility Project. Thorsten from Sika led his his team to undertake their Annual Staff Retreat activities by renovating three classrooms at Popel Primary School. The classroom floors were in bad shape, including many holes which made it impossible for children to walk in there without shoes. Cambodian primary school kids typically undergo class lessons without shoes to preserve a clean environment.

Now the floors look impeccable and clean and it is easy for children to walk in. This renovation creates a healthy and positive environment for the students. Students can learn undistracted. The quality of study and the quality of teaching is what Kamboo Project’s mission is all about. Thanks very much again to Thorsten and his team for becoming a partner for our education programme in rural areas of the country.