Safe toilets help flush out disease in Cambodia

Location: Paoy Paet District, Beanteay Meanchey Province and Prasat Bakong District, Siem Reap Province

Date: Geplant

Costs: ca. 600 USD per Sanitäre Anlage

Status: Ongoing

Most people in rural Cambodia are facing inadequate and unsafe cleaning water, hygiene and toilet facilities. Water/sanitation is one of our priority work to improve health and economic development in Prasat Bakong district, Siem Reap province of Cambodia. We fund around 600$ for one completed toilet.We will continue helping the current 1974 inhabitants. Additionally, we will continue forging ahead with hygiene training, Sanitary training for mothers and villagers to improve community life.

Prasat Bakong District is still one of the poorest district in Siem Reap. Most locals are still employed in subsistence farming. This community has a very low basic service, not enough clean water, hygiene, sanitary facilities. As a result of the open defecation, diarrhea is common, in this community and it is one of the leading cause of death for children under five. Children have died sometime because there is no latrine. They go around the edge of their house to defecate and they drown.

Funding and constructing more sanitary facilities to more families in need to flush out disease and lift them out of poverty. Additionally, our own Khmer staff who has disadvantage background themselves are ready to help the families and expanding their work for villagers through hygiene training and monitoring. By providing our help and good collaboration with our partner communities, we will bring the progress toward sustainable development to this community.

Long-Term Impact
We expect to construct more than 50 toilets for current 1974 inhabitants. One toilet supports one rural family with average of five peoples per household. With our work, poor rural families will have safe latrine for using and by our coaching of hygiene training, their health will improve, children are able to attend school then the illiteracy rate should be moved to better rate. Parents have enough time to work. This way, we bring the happier life to the family and the whole community.