School building renovation Anlong Pi

  • Location: Anlong Pi, Prasat Bakong District
  • Date: August/September 2018
  • Cost: 9164 USD
  • Status: Completed

Anlong Village was founded many years ago by people from different countries.
The village is about 27 km from Siem Reap and has a population of 2332 people (1239 men, 1093 women). The main source of income is the subsistence economy, livestock and cultivation of spicy herbs. The school offers education from Kindergarden to grade level 6 and accommodates 470 students aged 4 to 12 years. The school welcomes students from 2 surrounding villages. The school basically consists of two buildings. The first building was provided by the municipality, has two classrooms and was built in traditional style with wooden walls and zinc. This building is very old, unusable and unsafe. The second building was provided by a NP organization and built in 1997 – it has 5 classrooms. This building needs refurbishment as it is in a pitiful condition. It has an old roof, unstable walls, which greatly affects the stability of the complex. The school therefore lacks a safe and comfortable infrastructure to focus on learning. After the renovation, the school will have 5 usable classrooms, which is sufficient for the time being.

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