School Kitchen Project at Lvea Primary School

Location: Prasat Bakong district, Siem Reap Province

Date: January 24 to March 24

Costs: USD 6,000

Status: Completed

The school kitchen serves as more than just a place to prepare meals; it is a hub of nourishment, learning, and community. Through the incredibly generous contribution from our sponsoring partner, Zbären Kitchen Manufacture (Bern, Switzerland), the Lvea Primary School can now provide nutritious meals to their students, ensuring they have the energy and focus needed for their studies. The School Kitchen Storeroom Project has brought about significant improvements in multiple areas. Four large storerooms were constructed adjacent to existing kitchens, addressing the critical lack of storage space, and providing a dedicated area for cooking utensils and non-perishable foods. This enhancement has not only improved functionality but also positively impacted the hygiene and food handling practices within the schools. The smiles on the children’s faces as they enjoy their meals are a testament to the positive change you’ve brought about. Your kindness has not only filled their stomachs but also fueled their dreams and aspirations.

Once again, thank you for believing in our mission and investing in the future of these young minds. Your compassion and commitment inspire us to continue our efforts in creating a better learning environment for all.

Infront with chairs
Inside the building
In front of the kitchen
Lefthand Side
Behind the building