School Libraries

Location: Prasat Bakong District

Date: 17th February 2023

Costs: $900

Status: Completed

We continued our library project for two more primary schools this year (2023) to support education of school children in a very pragmatic way. Our Kamboo Project team bought 600 books suited for different school levels. The books were provided to Lvea Primary School with 385 students and Boeung Chum Primary school with 161 students. Both schools are in about 40 km distance from Siem Reap and are struggling to provide good learning conditions for school children. Our team is also involved in helping the schools by designing friendly looking libraries and by motivating school kids to use the library. As we normally do, we will regularly check on whether the project is on track. Thanks very much to Kamboo team for all your effort on local fundraising activities to make this project happened.