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You will become part of our ongoing efforts to support local people, while immersing yourself in a part of Southeast Asian culture. At first glance, it is sometimes hard to measure the difference one volunteer can make in a few weeks. But when thousands of people donate a short amount of time to the same long-term goals, we achieve massive progress together.

We don’t leave our positive impact up to chance. Every one of our projects is carefully planned and monitored so that we know we’re making the positive change that we’re committed to.

We offer several different volunteering opportunities in Siem Reap, Cambodia:

Field Work: drive forward improvement in rural schools by lending support in our core areas: Construction and repair works (roofs, floors, walls, painting…), organising and conducting Hygiene work shops, Educating teachers, Water supply, Water analysis, Health care support for communities nearby our schools.

Team Support: support our office by training staff in one or more of: English language, Accounting, Project Management, IT Management, Process Improvement, Team Development, Human Resources.

Our overseas volunteer projects are a great fit for anyone, from university students interested in volunteer work in Cambodia, to families, short term volunteers, Gap Year Travellers, Professionals and Career Breakers and the elderly traveller who is keen to do something different for her or his holiday.

Where will I volunteer in Cambodia?

By volunteering in Cambodia with us, you’ll live and work in the heart of Siem Reap. Siem Reap is the capital city of Siem Reap Province in northwestern Cambodia. Siem Reap has colonial and Chinese-style architecture in the Old French Quarter and around the Old Market. Whatever voluntary work you choose to do, we encourage you to make the most of living in Siem Reap. During your free time, explore the city and countryside, eat delicious street foods, and shop at markets.

Your safety is our priority at all times, which is why we have full-time, trained staff to support our volunteers 24/7. They’ll answer any questions you have and will be there to help and guide you.

In Cambodia, the people are friendly and welcoming, and the country is extremely beautiful. Siem Reap, which literally means the “Defeat of Siam”, is the most prosperous region of contemporary Cambodia. Its close proximity to the Angkor Wat temple complex has turned the city into one of the world’s premier travel destinations. More than one million travellers visit Siem Reap every year to explore over a thousand years of Khmer heritage built near Tonle Sap Lake, the foundation of the economic power of the ancient Cambodian empire. Make the most of your time with Kamboo Project in Southeast Asia and see and do as much as possible!

Can I volunteer for Kamboo Project for free?

We’re often asked if it’s possible to volunteer in for the Kamboo Project for free?

Even though we offer a hassle-free, safe experience, with projects built around long-term and sustainable goals, we still accept volunteers directly and NO we DO NOT charge any fees!

However, other major costs associated with volunteering for us, are the responsibility of the volunteer such as:

  • Flights – Your destination airport is Siem Reap International Airport (REP) You are responsible for booking and paying for your own airport travel.
  • Airport transfers – can be arranged with our office or alternatively you can download Apps such as Pass App or Grab
  • Accommodation – this ranges from 25-35 USD per day for a room with a single bedroom with air con in a guest house or boutique hotel. You can also stay in our office, where we offer a bedroom with en-suite shower room, air conditioning but without hot water, and for 5 USD per day.
  • Phone Card – 1USD gives you one week’s worth of use. Our team can help you to purchase a sim card.
  • Meals We have a kitchen in the office, so you can prepare your own small meals in between.
  • Transport  – in case you decide in a hotel, we can arrange transfer to and from the office from and to your place, but at your own cost.
  • Travel Insurance – Your safety is important to us. That’s why you’re required to obtain appropriate travel and medical insurance that will cover you for the entire duration of your project and travels abroad.  Your travel insurance policy must include emergency medical including repatriation, personal accident, personal liability and loss of baggage.
  • Visas – Certain countries require citizens to buy a visa regardless of how long you intend to stay. Other destinations may have visa fees for stays over a specified period. Currently, prices are 37 USD for a visa for a one month period. Our team can assist for stays of longer than one month.
  • Vaccinations  – We advise you to consult your GP or health centre for up-to-date information about vaccinations. Since we are not medical experts, our advice on vaccinations and other medical matters can only be informal.

Airport pickup, flights and visas

When you arrive at the airport, a member of our welcoming staff will be there to meet you. We have all the information you need to know for your trip, from helping with visa queries to walking you through a placement induction on your first day in Cambodia. Our hassle-free approach means you can concentrate on what really matters, making a difference with your volunteer assignment.

Arrival airport and pickup in Cambodia

You’ll arrive at Siem Reap International Airport (REP).  A Kamboo Project member will welcome you at the main arrival area. They’ll be wearing a Kamboo Project t-shirt and have ID with them. They will hold a sign showing your name.

After arriving at the airport, driver will take you to your accommodation. This is about a 35 minute journey from the airport to just outside Siem Reap city centre. Our Kamboo Project office is located near to the centre of Siem Reap, close to the river Seam Reap.

When you get to your accommodation, another Kamboo Project staff member will be waiting for you. If you arrive in the evening, a staff member will contact you on your arrival to ensure that your transfer to your accommodation happened smoothly.

Visas requirements for your volunteer project or internship in Cambodia

One of the perks of volunteering with us is the visa guidance we give you. We have a dedicated visa team who have up-to-date information on visa requirements for all of our destinations around the world. You can get in touch with us if you have any visa queries, big or small, and we will talk you through the process. You will be responsible for obtaining and maintaining your own visa.

Your induction and orientation in Cambodia

Your induction takes place the day after you arrive. If you arrive over a weekend, your induction will normally begin on the Monday. There will be plenty to do over the weekend. We’ll introduce you to the other volunteers if we can, and you can spend time getting to know your people.

For your induction, we’ll pick you up from your accommodation and take you to the main Kamboo office. At the office, we’ll go over the Kamboo Project handbook with you, and you can ask us any questions you have. We’ll also share information with you about how we run our projects in Cambodia.

You’ll receive an induction pack. This contains all the information you need, like a map of Siem Reap with important places highlighted. It also has contact information for all the relevant local Kamboo staff.

You’ll then be shown important places around the city. We’ll point out landmarks and show you internet cafés, the post office, and where to change your money. We’ll also make sure to show you exactly how to get to these places from your accommodation. You can also buy a local SIM card if you need it.

Your first day at your volunteer or internship placement

You will go to your placement the day after induction. We’ll show you exactly how to get to your placement from your accommodation on your first day of work. Your mode of transport will depend on how far the placement is from your accommodation. You could either walk or take a motorbike taxi or the bus. We’ll help you choose the best option.

All of your work-related transportation costs will be covered by Kamboo Project, but not the travel from your accommodation to the office. We have bicycles at your disposal, if you fancy cycling.

At your placement, you’ll meet your local supervisor and your new colleagues. We’ll show you around the placement and explain how everything works and what is expected from you. You’ll only begin with project work on your second workday.

Support, safety, and backup

Your safety and security is our primary concern. We have many procedures and systems to ensure you have the support you need to enjoy your trip with peace of mind. Our Kamboo Project staff are available 24 hours a day to help and will be on-hand to make sure you settle in well at your accommodation and placement. If you encounter any problems, they will be available to help at any time.

Cultural awareness

When you choose to volunteer abroad, you know the country you’ll be travelling to is different from home. To prepare you for this experience in a new country with a different culture, Kamboo Project have put together in-depth cultural awareness training for you about Cambodia as we want you to feel and be prepared before you arrive. At the end, you will sign our Code of Conduct.

What is cultural sensitivity and awareness?

Cultural sensitivity is knowing and understanding that cultures are different and accepting that difference. Every country has its own traditions and cultures. Being culturally sensitive and open to cultural differences will make your time overseas more interesting. You’ll get to explore and learn about a culture different than your own while gaining a new perspective.

Why do you need cultural awareness and sensitivity training?

Going into a new country can be a bit of a shock sometimes. You may not expect everything to be as different as it is. You may feel out of place or unsure of what you’re doing there. This is called culture shock.

Volunteer training for cultural sensitivity can change culture shock to cultural curiosity. And of course, we all want to be curious about our new destination without being held back by the overwhelming feeling of how new everything is.

That’s why we do our best to ensure that you’re prepared and as familiar with your destination as possible. That way you can focus on making a positive impact right from the beginning. You’ll be able to learn and explore your home away from home to the fullest.

How our free cultural awareness training works at Kamboo Project

With our free volunteer cultural awareness training you don’t need to worry about feeling out of place when you arrive and start your volunteer project. We prepare you for your destination in a fun and interactive way using a digital travel diary. Once you’ve got access to your diary, we take you through our five-step online programme to help you familiarise yourself with the culture of that specific country before you leave. These are:

  • Travel Mindset – Here, we introduce you to the open-minded attitude that is essential for travelling in Cambodia……
  • Cultural Shock – This part explains why cultural shock happens and how it may affect you…
  • Cultural Diary – The Cultural Diary lets you in on the social norms and traditions in Cambodia and what makes your project different. Celebrations taking place during the year.
  • Cultural Awareness – In this section you will improve your understanding about Cambodia and the cultural differences you just learned.
  • Before You Go – In this last section, you get to reflect on the new knowledge you gained and how to act on it. What to pack in your suitcase? A list of essential items of clothing and medication.

More about our free cultural awareness training

We hope our teaser got you excited for your volunteer journey ahead. By studying this ‘Welcome to Cambodia!’ Guide to Essentials you’ll receive a good introduction to the country’s culture and some important essentials. You’ll even be familiar with some basic phrasings in the local language and a few interactions.

This will make you feel especially included during your stay.  You’ll be able to interact with local people and our staff because you already understand their culture. You may even recognise some of the things they do or say because of your cultural awareness training. This will make your time there more enjoyable.

Travelling to a new country can be scary sometimes. With the support of our staff along with the cultural and sensitivity training we offer, you’ll find yourself transformed during your time with us.

Support of our staff

Safety and security of volunteers and interns concerns everything that we do. Every single one of our Projects are thoroughly risk assessed. Every member of staff is trained to our high standards. Safety and support are at the heart of everything we do.

  • We employ all our staff directly – we never use third parties or contractors
  • We carefully choose our host families, to ensure security, comfort and friendliness
  • We have whole teams in every destination, so if any problems or illnesses were to arise, there’ll always be someone available to keep you safe and secure
  • We carry out thorough risk assessments to ensure that all our project destinations are safe and politically stable
  • We have an in-house medical advisor who is available to consult with you and your GP before you leave, so you can discuss any health concerns to make sure you’re feeling confident about your upcoming trip.

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Note: Contact at Cambodia office:

Speak to one of our experts  – we’d love to chat!

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