Blog by new partner Veloplus: a future thanks to a bike

Veloplus has a new partnership with the Swiss NGO Kamboo Project for 2023. The association is committed to promoting a sustainable and self-determined future for people in Cambodia through intensive cycling promotion for children and young people and many other projects.

In this article, the association Kamboo Project introduces itself and shows the importance of the bicycle in Cambodia. You will also find beneath the post the information on the donation account, as well as our own funding campaign. From the sale of selected tube scarves from our range, we will donate 50% of the sales price directly to the project.

What do bicycles have to do with schooling?

Very much. The way to school in Cambodia is often difficult. Public transport is not available everywhere, especially outside of the cities. It is not uncommon for the way to decide how many days a child can come to school, whether it comes at all, yes – whether it is even enrolled in school!

Against this background, the bicycle is an important and efficient tool for a Cambodian child: By cycling to and from school, the children have more energy and free time to study. The bicycle offers more safety for learners than having to walk from home in the rural area.

But owning and maintaining a bike is a luxury for most families with children, especially in rural areas where the nearest primary school is usually miles away.

Schoolgirl Mom Sreyart shows how her Kamboo Project and the bike make life easier.

“Having a bike makes my life a lot easier. I don’t have to get up as early in the morning and I’m less tired when I come home from school in the evening. So I have more time to help my mother with the daily work.”

Mom Sreyart, Schoolgirl from Cambodia

As in the four previous years, this year we at Kamboo Project will ask the 15 schools we support which children would be particularly helped by a bicycle. The Kamboo Project team then visits the families of the children nominated by the schools to ultimately select the most needy students.

We thank our new partner, Veloplus, for supporting us with a partnership in 2023.

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Donation account

If you want to support the project additionally, you can also do so with the note “Veloplus” via the following donation account:

Kamboo Project
Auf der Mauer 2
8001 Zürich

CH88 0020 9209 1043 9701 A