Happy Holidays

Dear friends of Kamboo Project Some time has passed since the last newsletter. If we were to describe in a few words what has happened at Kamboo Project in the last few months, it would sound like this: The team in Cambodia has managed, with a lot of dedication, to keep all ongoing projects on […]

Newsletter December 2021

Dear friends of Kamboo Project LTraditionally, now is the time for annual reviews and balance sheets. But in this newsletter we will first look back at the months of September, October and November 2021. A bit longer-term balance is already there. But basically we are interested in the same thing in every season. Namely: Are […]

Newsletter September 2021

Dear friends of Kamboo Project 2021 is one of those years that is hard to plan for. That can be disappointing, because the long-term, carefully planned programs simply can’t be implemented as intended – and planning ahead is indeed one of Kamboo Project’s trademarks. Of course, it is the pandemic that is throwing a spanner […]

Clean Water clears a mess: Help us – join us!

Dear reader What we take for granted, is missing elsewhere day after day: clean water and clean toilets. This also affects the pupils in the Cambodian Ta Ey Primary School. Kamboo Project helps to end this hygienic tragedy- also thanks to your support. Drinking water and waterlogged toilets that are constantly polluted. Hands that you […]

The latest from Kamboo Project

Dear friends of our NGO There have been no newsletters for a while, and it’s time to report out of Kamboo Project again. This as we make tangible progress literally each and every day. Our work on the ground has continued, existing projects continue, new ones have been added, and there are new collaborators. Quality […]

Thank you United Asia Charity! Welcome Kamboo Project!

Dear Friends and Followers of our NGO, A good idea… dedicated members… working projects – why does a small NGO like ours need something like a re-branding? If you do the right thing, the name and logo are not so important. It should be about the content and the results you drive. But its not […]

Newsletter May 2017

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Newsletter December 2016

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