Clean Water clears a mess: Help us – join us!

Dear reader

What we take for granted, is missing elsewhere day after day: clean water and clean toilets. This also affects the pupils in the Cambodian Ta Ey Primary School. Kamboo Project helps to end this hygienic tragedy- also thanks to your support.

Drinking water and waterlogged toilets that are constantly polluted. Hands that you can not wash properly. And children who suffer hardship from the lack of hygiene: clean water can be a blessing. This is also the case in poor Cambodian Ta Ey, where around 300 school children still have to share five gender-neutral toilets, some of them in deplorable condition.

Clean water as a source of the future.

This lack of cleanliness has fatal consequences: the “sanitation stations” are a breeding ground for germs, keep school children away from class, and force teenage girls to spend a week at home every month. Ultimately, poor health and lack of education mean that poverty is still inherited. An untenable condition that Kamboo Project wants to eradicate as soon as possible.

Help at each and every level – also thanks to you.

Your donation is welcome! Your funds will enable the school children in Ta Ey to a worthwhile future, with the vicious circle of poverty, illness and bad education coming to an end. we from Kamboo Project help specifically on the ground:

  • Health promotion: New sanitary facilities ensure a reasonable standard of hygiene for about 300 girls and boys.
  • Education for all: Regular school visits promote a sustainable development of children in Cambodia.
  • Better understanding of hygiene: Tailor-made workshops teach children how to combine environment, hygiene and clean water.

As you can see, clean drinking water and more hygiene are the best basis for a healthy future.

I plan to travel to Siem Reap on 27th December to implement the project. Why do not you accompany us during the work? So you can see for yourself and find out where your funds go: into a carefully selected project that will be realized with passion and sustainable impact.

We would like to thank you for your valuable contribution and we wish you a warm welcome – also on behalf of the students of Ta Ey.

Thomas Gilbert