Covid 19 relief project

Food aid is not really part of our self-imposed mission, but where help is needed and funds are available, it makes sense that we contribute. We have also worked with monks from Wat Kesararm and Wat Domnak temples who have distributed food parcels to villagers around Tonle Sap Lake and to families in Kleang district, Kampong Thom province. This November, we partnered with The Together Project (TTP), which provides food to those most in need. The TTP is a sub-organization of the Cambodian non-governmental organization Rural Schools Support Organization, established only in 2019, and seeks to maintain food supplies in the Covid-19 pandemic for families at massive risk of hunger with the help of primarily US donations. Now we have a promise that we will be supported by the TTP with a grant that will allow us to fund three more months of food assistance. Together with the teachers, we will select the one hundred students most in need. Unfortunately, the need for food aid far exceeds our budget, but we are doing our best to make an impact.