Kouksrok Village with Kamboo Project Care Team

Kamboo Project care team on a mission

We are a five-headed team on our way to Kouksrok Village which is located in the Bakong Prasat district. The place we are heading to is 17 km away from the Kamboo Project office in Siem Reap.
It is always a pleasure to drive away from the busy city to the quiet contemplative outskirts, looking a bit parched these days due to the dry season. Palm trees and the 30+feet high bamboo defy the heat and provide shadow. They adorn the landscape and remember you being in a tropical country. The red nature roads look like endless and extremely dusty red carpets.

There is a lot of work to be done for us! We keep the notepads in our hands in order to complete the to-do list. Nothing shall be forgotten. Sun, ultraviolet rays, wind and wear constantly grind down what was built. Kamboo Projects mission is to help restoring what can be fixed. It feels great to be back in Cambodia and tackle all these challenges!

Cordial greetings to everyone back home.