Last will and legacy: New partnership launched with DeinAdieu

Getting older is a part of life. We are affected by it every day, even when, quite naturally, wedon't always think about it in concrete terms. Just in between, for example on the occasion of birthdays, we become acutely aware of it. This includes - at least over time - the questions about dying and living. We cannot influence the timing of when we die. But we can prepare for it as best we can. Conversations with family members and friends (of the same age) help.

A question that can also concern people about dying and death is: what happens to the remaining assets? Many people have at their disposal a good amount of wealth at the end of their lives.  What happens to it? How much does go to descendants or close relatives? Or can it even be useful to do something good outside of family? Especially if the family members and relatives also have sufficient funds. People who live on a less fortunate side of life  - and perhaps even at the beginning of a life under difficult circumstances - may as well stand to benefit! To deal with these questions early enough can be an advantage. Still be in a position to deal with these questions while memory still serves you well and while you are capable of consciously weighing pros and cons up, provides inner peace and freedom to act. The DeinAdieu association helps with a wide range of issues relating to the elderly and to people preoccupied with one's own death. Living wills can be created and also advance directives and wills. DeinAdieu runs a lerge network of listed and trustworthy associations and foundations  that can be successfully connected with (part of) your heritage to support a good cause.

As Kamboo Project, we have been part of this network since September 2023. We support children and young people in the north of Cambodia (Siem Reap region). It's all about hygiene and schooling. We help with the renovation of School buildings and give children who have to travel long distances to school bicycles so that they can get there more quickly at school or back home.

We would be happy about any donation, or if you would like to donate part of your money upon your death donate to our association.

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