Toilet House Renovation at Svay Thom Primary School

Location: Chrey village, Kandaek Commune, Prasat Bakong District, Siem Reap Province

Date: March 2019

Costs: 3105.49 USD

Status: Completed

Svay Thom Primary School in the village of Chrey was selected by Kamboo Project and this rather complex and large renovation work was granted approval by local authorities. For years, this school has been in need of clean water and hygiene for daily use. We renovated 3 toilet houses which comprise of 22 toilet rooms , a new water system. Specifically, we designed and built a new water tower which will allow upgraded sanitary conditions forĀ  743 boys and 664 girls who attend Svay Thom Primary School. The process and completion of construction of this project underwent smoothly with intense support from teachers, school support committee and District of Education Youth and Sports. Now, we are monitoring hygiene practices until at least mid-2020, and possibly beyond.