VELOPLUS- Small bell, big impact!

In January 2023, Switzerland’s VELOPLUS announced a partnership with Kamboo Project. With the year drawing to a close, both partners have reviewed their first year together – and the impact gives all the reasons to continue into 2024. VELOPLUS has raised a considerable sum for Kamboo Project’s Education/Mobility programme. 140 carefully selected primary school students – until June 2024 – will receive a school bicycle and a repair workshop. For the selection criteria and philosophy of the programme, please visit

In fact, eighteen students have already received their bikes in the past few months. Here are two of them:

“Hello, I am Phalla Long, a student at Along Pir Primary School. I used to share a bike with my sister from 1st to 5th grade. However, now that I have reached the 6th grade, I was lucky enough to get a new bike from VELOPLUS and Kamboo Project. This bike made my commute to school much easier and more punctual. Since receiving this bike, I can proudly say that I have never been late or missed school even once. I have achieved a top rank in my class and will receive a certificate of recognition from my school. When the school reopened in December 2023, I was accepted into the 7th grade of Roulos Secondary School. For this I would like to thank Kamboo Project and VELOPLUS once again. The secondary school is even further away from my home than the primary school already was. The bike contributes significantly to ensuring my quality education and my punctuality at school.”

“Hello, I’m Din Phan and I studied at Anlong Pir Primary School until recently. I rode a small bike from first to fifth grade. However, on August 8, 2023, I was lucky enough to receive a new bike from VELOPLUS and Kamboo Project. This bike has made my commute to school much easier and ensures that I arrive on time. It also supports me in my free time with my domestic duties and work. Honestly, since I got this new bike, I have never been late for school and my academic performance has improved. I am deeply grateful to VELOPLUS and Kamboo Project for providing me with this new bike for my commute to school. Since the start of the new school year in December 2023, I have been in the 7th grade at Ta Ei Secondary School. My bike played a significant role in preventing me from dropping out of school, ensuring punctuality and promoting my quality education.”


We are in the process of identifying fifty or so more students such as Phalla Long and Din Phan. We will provide an update during the course of the ongoing school year in Cambodia. We thank VELOPLUS for their trust in our ability to promote basic needs for education in the Prasat Bakong District.