Water Reservoir – Srey Leak excels in drawing the future!

Good news from Srey Leak!

The design of a covered water reservoir in Srey Leak is completed. Special thanks to the Architect Leakana, a Cambodian volunteer of Kamboo Project. She worded persistently on the construction plans and is now creating a 3D cross-section providing an inner view of the reservoir. In addition, solar panels shall be installed on the roof of the reservoir in a second step. Cambodia is not suffering because of water shortage over all, but water supply is very unbalanced due to a long rainy as well as a long dry season. The reservoir stores water collected during the rainy season and allows the local community to have access to fresh water in dry season. The water reservoir is one of three large-scale projects of Kamboo Project. The funding of the project is already guaranteed and the project is highly supported by the local community.

Leakana, thank you very much for your honorable work!