Construction work on “Arranh Rangsey Primary School” completed

Thanks to the financing of the renowned Swiss company Geberit, the school will receive new infrastructure elements:

  • A school building with 3 large classrooms and pleasant temperatures for the school children to learn in.
  • A building for the 34 teachers with modern equipment, which enables the preparation of lessons and also allows conversations and meetings with parents and school children on a smaller scale.
  • A water tower with a filter system that purifies the groundwater and provides water in good quality. The water was tested in the laboratory.
  • A toilet house for girls and boys that 10 Geberit apprentices and two coaches equipped with Geberit sanitary systems in November 2019. The wastewater is treated.

A total of 1138 school children will benefit from the new systems.

Kamboo Project supported the planning and implementation of the construction work on site and was the local interface between Geberit, the two schools and the school authorities. In addition, we will support the “Arranh Rangsey Primary School” in keeping the infrastructure in operation over the next few years in order to ensure a sustainable impact. Kamboo Project would like to thank Geberit warmly for the comprehensive commitment and financing of this major project!