The latest from Kamboo Project

Donor visit Maya Gamma-Lienin & Stephan Lienin

Dear friends of Kamboo Project, today we had our first field trip. It started with visiting a successful project location… Sor Kim Rath’s house. Subsequently we visited the house of the woman who had undergone eye surgery. Enzo Sportelli, Kamboo Project’s founder, and we intend to use this as a case study for our own […]

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Water Reservoir – Srey Leak excels in drawing the future!

Good news from Srey Leak! The design of a covered water reservoir in Srey Leak is completed. Special thanks to the Architect Leakana, a Cambodian volunteer of Kamboo Project. She worded persistently on the construction plans and is now creating a 3D cross-section providing an inner view of the reservoir. In addition, solar panels shall […]

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Kouksrok Village with Kamboo Project Care Team

Kamboo Project care team on a mission We are a five-headed team on our way to Kouksrok Village which is located in the Bakong Prasat district. The place we are heading to is 17 km away from the Kamboo Project office in Siem Reap. It is always a pleasure to drive away from the busy […]

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