SHIP in treacherous waters? No way…

We would like to update on our latest effort since launching our 2-year hygiene programme SHIP last October. SHIP, this stands for School Hygiene Improvement Project (SHIP) and we modelled it along the lines of Cambodia’s Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport’s Water, Sanitary and Hygiene (WASH) strategy. Just before the schools had to close again because of yet another wave of the SARS-Cov-2 pandemic, we completed many of the activities that we set out to do. As of late we have changed opus moderandi to online and individual (rather than collective school) training and preparatory sessions with students and teachers. Please consult the road map that we have followed until here.

104 teaching staff received a Hygiene training.


3004 students received hygiene training for behavioral change.

We assigned focal teacher groups that have pledged to take internal ownership of SHIP.


A latest example of an online gettogether to secure continuity.